Finest casino welcome offers UK New at no cost spins no wagering offers! This is in real time, as soon at the same time as you click spin the data is recorded.

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Accurately Track Your Slot Data

All the rage Slot Tracker you can keep chase of your slot wins and losses on each and every spin, after that at any online casino, so you can identify the best payout slots and avoid running out of coin. Whether you want to gamble smarter, keep track of your spending, before just keep better track of your wins for future reference, Slot Chaser does it all. All of our collective data can be reviewed arrange a simple time based history accordingly you can easily see a games statistics from real money play. Act Longer. Export your expenses, and logs into Excel spreadsheets. Bonus Spins bidding be credited instantly. Take Control.

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Our Features

Our platform is cryptographically signed to agreement that what you download came absolutely from us and has not been corrupted or tampered with. Compare your results and see how you affect up against everyone else. Slot Chaser automatically grabs your slot data absolutely from the browser without you bootleg a finger. But what if around was a website that did altogether this work for you, and you could simply play slots whilst care tracking of everything? Best casino accept offers UK New free spins denial wagering offers!

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How Does Slot Tracker Record Data?

All time we choose to play online we are placing our trust all the rage casinos, providers and networks across the globe. Whenever you play on a Casino and spin a slot Drop in Tracker will record your spin fact which includes…. It also displays fact from other users at Slot Chaser to help me compare my statastics. I was fed up of having to track my data in do extremely well spreadsheets. Our Testimonials "Slot Tracker is the difference between having a absent-minded idea that a slot has been abnormally hot or cold, and essentially being able to verify if it has using empirical evidence. Slot Chaser automatically tracks your play on a few casino 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a day. Everything is securely held inside your personal console, ready for you en route for view from anywhere, whenever you like! Slot Tracker gives the player a new breed of control which enables you to make sure you are being treated fairly.

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Additional free spins no wagering offers! All time we choose to play online we are placing our trust all the rage casinos, providers and networks across the globe. When using the Slot Chaser Expenses feature, you can also decide to apply a bonus so so as to bonus funds and any slot wins from free spins will not depressingly affect your overall expenses. Refine your results so you can zone all the rage on specific slots, casinos, and providers. Opt-in required. Compare Your Statistics Associate your slot results to the masses. Register today to start tracking your slot wins and get better be in charge of of your gaming activity! Slot achieve rate - how important is it?

What is Slot Tracker?

Updated in real time as you act, so you can gamble smarter. At no cost spins no deposit bonuses for UK players. Slot Tracker automatically tracks your play on any casino 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year. Review and check RTP percentages, average bonus awards, additional benefit frequency and lots more detailed fact from millions of spins.

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